Canadian Priests for the Third Millennium

“I will give you shepherds after my own heart, who will feed you with knowledge and understanding” Jer 3:15

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About Us

About the Need

Priests bring Jesus to the world. Wherever there is a need, priests are there.

Comforting the sorrowing, feeding the poor, encouraging the downtrodden, teaching those willing to learn. Priests nourish souls with the Holy Eucharist and forgive sins in confession. There is a tremendous need for good, faithful priests in Canada. In many dioceses, our priests are pushed to their limits and are serving multiple parishes or apostolates.

Vocations Offices need resources in order to effectively promote the vocation to priestly ministry; seminarians need good formation and they need to be able to pay for it; seminaries need to offer the best formation possible to candidates who present themselves for formation. CPTM exists to meet these needs. We are compelled by the desire to see priests flourish in Canada. Wherever a seminarian or priest sees an opportunity to better himself, he can apply for our help. Wherever a seminary, a Vocations Office or a Religious Order sees a way they can better support their men, they can apply for our help. Partner with us as we seek to support priests and seminarians in Canada! 

How We Serve

Supporting Priests

Individual priests need opportunities for meaningful sabbaticals and ongoing formation. ‘Nemo dat quod non habet’ – you cannot give what you don’t have. As priests refuel and educate themselves, the people of God benefit. 

Forming seminarians

 In many dioceses, men pay for a portion of their own formation. This should not be a deterrent and we should help men cover their formation expenses and to embrace other opportunities for good formation.

Broad Impact

As we support a seminary in developing new and better programs, we impact hundreds of future priests and hundreds of thousands of lives. As Vocations Offices receive resources to promote and sustain vocations, seminaries will fill.

Raising Money

Through effective networking, fundraising events and good communication, we raise the funds necessary to sustain a revival in priestly ministry in Canada

Every Dollar Counts

Whatever gift you are able to give, it will go to support the future of priestly ministry in Canada. CPTM is a registered charity and donations are eligible for a charitable tax receipt

Support Vocations

What an honour to have played a part in forming a future priest, who will help thousands of people in his lifetime. This is your opportunity to do that and more! Your support and donations are appreciated very much!