How to Apply


You may apply for a CPTM grant under two categories; as an individual or as an organization. Individual applications are intended for priests, seminarians or discerners who have the approval of their Bishop or Vocation Director to apply.

Organizational applications are intended to be used by seminaries, Vocations Offices or Religious Orders who desire to run a vocation-promotion or a formation program and need funding. Applications are to be completed online, through this site.

Things To Know

CPTM seeks to support the ongoing formation of priests and seminarians and to support seminaries/vocations offices/religious orders who desire to promote Vocations or to better form their priests or seminary candidates.

Applicants, in order to be successful, must demonstrate how their proposed course of study, formation program, sabbatical, summer assignment, etc. will further their growth in one (or more) of the 4 main areas of priestly formation, as identified in Pastores Dabo Vobis; Human, Spiritual, Pastoral or Academic. 

The application deadline for 2021 is November 1. Applications will be reviewed by a three-person panel and successful applicants will be contacted and funds distributed by December 20, 2021.

Examples of Individual Programs Funded by CPTM

  • Assisting seminarians in covering their formation fees;
  • Summer placements for seminarians;
  • Funding Seminarian participation in the Institute for Priestly Formation’s Summer program;
  • Study abroad opportunities for seminarians; further education for priests;

Examples of Organizational Programs Funded by CPTM

  • Advertising campaigns to promote Vocations;
  • Funding for lecture series’ or courses for priests/seminarians;
  • Funding for ongoing clergy education/formation; funding for discerners to participate in the Avila Institute’s ‘High Calling’ program;
  • Funding for ongoing formation for Vocations Directors or seminary formators; 

Grant Application for Individuals

Grant Application for Organizations